How To Play 3 Patti Gold

In 3 Patti Gold, You will not only play Teen Patti but several other games as well. This new version of Teen Patti is designed with lots of other games, which are very easy to play and earn as much as you want. Every game in the app is simple and you can place a bet without any difficulties.

How To Play 3 Patti Gold?

Let’s take an example of a game of 3 Patti Gold which is called Tiger and Dragon. Once you open the app you will see two sections. One is for the Tiger and the other is for the Dragon. Below that you can find bet amounts like 20,100,200 and so on. You need to select the amount of money you want to place for a bet.

After selecting the amount, Just tap on the dragon or tiger section, who you think is gonna win. The winning process in this game is simple, anyone who gets the higher number will win. The Process is simple for every game. Find the bet amount and place it accordingly.

There are a variety of games available for users. Go through all the games first to know their interface. On the main screen of 3 Patti Gold, you will see all the games. Move slightly left to check out other games. Remember to place a bet, first, you have to add chips to the account.

How To Play Poker in 3 Patti Gold?

There’s a whole range of different types of poker, but Teen Patti Gold is pretty much using another version. In this Poker, each player will have two cards face down and then five community cards face up in the middle of the table In order. for a player to make the best hand, two cards and five community cards must be used.

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